Calling All Writers: We Want Your Stories!

readerspageAs many of you know, part of my job is to read through all of the submissions for “Hobby Hows,” “Collecting,” “Ask Us Anything” and “Readers’ Page.” I know, it’s a cool job.

One of my favorite things to do is read through the awesome “Readers’ Page” submissions. If you are not familiar, “Readers’ Page” is a part of the magazine where kids like you can literally submit their own real-life stories. The can be funny, scary, adventurous or just about anything else, as long as their true.

I’m currently looking for new “Readers’ Page” submissions, and I thought I would give you all the first chance to submit your stories. Here’s the scoop:

Has anything exciting or funny happened to you lately? If you’re under 18, tell us about it. You will receive $25 if we print your submission.

Click here to submit a story.



3 Comments on Calling All Writers: We Want Your Stories!

  1. I love reading. I’m looking forward too seeing the contest winner. Go webelos

  2. im so doing it

  3. i have a good one! $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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