Want To Win This Lightsaber?

It's easy to win this epic lightsaber.

Listen to BL’s interview with Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman

BL chatted with Wolverine about X-Men: Days of Future Past, and what it's like to travel back in time.

What Happens When You Put HD Cameras Inside This Ball?

Take a look at this globetrotting video, starring the 2014 World Cup ball.

What's Happening Now

Hey, What’s That Shiny Thing On Mars?

Is it a UFO, alien, rock? You decide.

This Optical Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

You will be shocked to learn the secret.

Would Cap Be An Eagle Scout?

The First Avenger would make a great Scout.

NASA Found a Time Machine!

The device allows users to go back in time!

This Robot Will Do Your Homework

Homework Helper will revolutionize your school.

The Statue of Liberty On Tour?

Will Lady Liberty be visiting your hometown?

In Case You Missed It...

What Makes Your Knuckles Pop?

The answer is more complicated than it sounds.

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Who Is the Boys’ Life Bracket Champion?

We have a winner in our first-ever bracket contest!

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Trailer For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turtle Power is back this August.

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No, That’s Not Moss. It’s the Hairy Frogfish.

Warning, he’s a dangerous sea-dwelling beast.

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Check Out Nike’s All-New Soccer Boot

The high-tech shoe fits like a glove, wait … I mean sock.

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Check Out the First Trailer For The Giver

The sci-fi film hits theaters in August.

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All About Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

This massive swirling storm is bigger than Earth.

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This Is the Toughest Animal On the Planet

The Tardigrade can survive in almost any conditions.

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Cars & The Incredibles To Get Sequels!

Two of Pixar’s most-loved movies will release sequels.

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Check Out the Epic Trailer For ‘The Maze Runner’

One of my favorite young adult novels is hitting the big screen.

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