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Crayola Says Goodbye To One Of Its Classic Crayons

Today’s a sad day for crayon enthusiasts everywhere. Crayola has officially retired one of the colors from its classic 24-pack. To celebrate National Crayon Day (March 31), Crayola announced the news over a series of


Check Out This 3,000-Year-Old Statue Discovered in Egypt

A team of archaeologists recently discovered a giant 3,000-year-old statue near Cairo, Egypt. It’s thought to depict Ramses II, and is being called one of the most important archaeological discoveries ever. The statue stands about


One Of Saturn’s Moons Looks Just Like the Death Star

NASA recently released a curious new photo of¬†Tethys, one of Saturn’s moons that looks suspiciously like the Death Star, that planet-destroying weapon from the Star Wars series. Tethys is a 660-mile-wide moon that’s made mostly