Will You Have A White Christmas?

December 25 is just around the corner, and most people are hoping for a White Christmas. But will your hometown be among those snow-laden? Take a look at this map, released by NOAA and the National Climatic Data Center, for the probability of a snowy Christmas across the country.

While this map is a prediction, it’s not a forecast. Weather can only be predicted a few days in advance. Instead, this map shows the chances of snow in 2012 based on historical snowfall frequency, and averaging weather records over a thirty year period.

Even so, a White Christmas is all but certain in a few cities. We’re talking about you, Minneapolis, Minn., Green Bay, Wis., and Buffalo, N.Y.

Does the map show your city having a White Christmas?





  1. No i live in Florida. we just had rain. the high has been around the high 80s. the hummidity has been so so so muggy and the dew point has also been super high.merry christmas to you guys. and be careful in the snow you guys up north!!!

  2. I live in South Carolina so I wont get snow. two years ago I got a white christmas so that was like once in a lifetime white Christmas for me.

  3. i love christmas+snow and i hope snows where i live up until 3-4 years ago we always had a good amount but the last two years baerly had any only cold

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