What’s the Dum Dum Mystery Flavor?


Halloween is almost here. Get ready to be flooded with Dum Dums. You know, those tiny globular hard candies on a stick.

The product was first launched in 1924, and were called “Dum Dums” because it was an easily memorable phrase. There are now 16 flavors, including Buttered Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, pink lemonade and cherry cola.

But the most interesting and memorable flavor has always been the mystery flavor, with question mark wrappers. If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered what the mystery flavor is.

Now we have an answer.

According to Mental Floss:

The Mystery Flavor pop is a mixture of two flavors that come together when the end of one batch of candy meets the beginning of the next batch. Rather than shutting down to clean out the candy equipment between flavors, Spangler turned lemons into lemonade and made pops out of the combination of flavors – the tail end of the old, and the beginning of the new. The candy lines keep running continuously, and the Mystery Flavor pops are a surprise treat every time.

Want to see how Dum Dums are created? Check out the video below:


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