The Supermoon Looked Super Cool

Did you know that the moon put on a fantastic display on June 22 and 23?

For about two days the normally inconspicuous moon lit up the sky like a nighttime sun. Appearing almost 15 times larger than normal, the astronomical spectacle captivated people around the world.

But why was it considered a Supermoon?

Simply put, it’s because moons, and planets, orbit in ellipses, as opposed to circles. This means that there are times when moons are closer to what they’re orbiting and times when they’re further away. At their closest, it’s called perigee. At their furthest, it’s called apogee.

For Earth and the moon, perigee and apogee happen once a month. What makes this weekend’s even worthy of the name Supermoon, was that this was the closest perigee of 2013. The effect was also enhanced due to a near-full moon.

 Here are a few cool photos of the phenomenon, in case you missed it for yourself.






  1. I saw the Supermoon. It was bigger and brighter than I had ever seen it. But it looks really spectacular when it’s close to the horizon and yellowish. Peechtival!

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