‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman Trailer

Mr. Peabody is a business titan, inventor, scientist, gourmand, two-time Olympic medalist, and genius, who also happens to be a dog. Using his most ingenious invention, the WABAC machine, Mr. Peabody and his adopted boy Sherman head back in time to experience world-changing events first-hand. But when Sherman and his classmate Penny breaks the rules of time travel, our two heroes find themselves in a race to repair history and save the future.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman hits theaters March 14th. Will you be there?



  1. I so wan to see this movie! 🙂 ! I saw the trailor before and have been hooked on seeing it since! Go Mr. Peabody! 😉

    • Mister Peabody and Sherman in a movie? Weird,man! I’m almost age 60 by now, and i’ll bet it will be a real blast from the past! Wow!-EG

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