Who Would You Choose For Your NBA Dream Team?

MJ, LeBron, Magic? Who will be on your NBA dream team.

121210092244-nba-logo-wordmark-275-wide.story-topThe NBA Playoffs are going strong right now. Sometimes when I’m watching I wonder, “How would these players stack up against the all-time greats?”

So, let’s make a game of it. Create your NBA dream team. You can choose any five players from the history of the NBA.

If you can, try to pick a player for every position: Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward and Center. If that get’s too tricky, just pick the five best that you can come up with.

Here’s mine:

John Stockton, Point Guard


Michael Jordan, Shooting Guard


Lebron James, Small Forward


Dirk Nowitzki, Power Forward

Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Three

Shaquille O’Neal, Center


Post your team in the comments below.

Just for fun, here are the top 50 highlights of my favorite player, Michael Jordan:



  1. My 5 would be: Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Tim Duncan. Go San Antonio Spurs! Beat the Thunder then the Heat!

  2. I would do Wilt Chamberlain as Center,Magic Johnson as Point Guard, Bill Russel as Power Forward, Michael Jordan as Shooting Guard, and Larry Bird as Small Forward

  3. First team – John Stockton
    Michael Jordan
    Lebron james
    Tim Duncan
    Wilt chamberlain

    Second team –
    Magic Johnson
    Kobe Bryant
    Lorry bird
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Kareem Abdul jabbar

  4. PG – Oscar Robertson
    SG – Michael Jordan
    SF – Julius Erving
    PF – Shaquille O’Niell (I know hes not a PF)
    C – Yao Ming

    • PG.Jerry west
      SG.Oscar Robertson
      SF.Vince Carter
      PF.Amarà Stoudimire
      C.Antony Davis
      When I said Vince and Amarà I mean the
      Throw back ones

  5. 1st team:Allen Iverson
    Steph Curry
    Paul George
    Lebron James
    Wilt Chameberlain

    2nd Team: Chris Paul
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Durant
    Blake Griffin
    Yao Ming

    • Coaches
      HC-Phil Jackson
      AC-Red Auerbach
      AC-Greg Popovich
      PG-Magic Johnson
      SG-Michael Jordan
      SF-Larry Bird
      PF-Tim Duncan
      C-Wilt Chamberlain
      PG-Oscar Robertson
      PG-Isiah Thomas
      SG-Kobe Bryant
      SG-Jerry West
      SF-Lebron James
      SF-Elgin Baylor
      PF-Elvin Hayes
      PF-Karl Malone
      C-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
      C-Hakeem Alujawon

  6. New dream team: PG Lebrón James SG Kobe SF Durant PF Anthony Davis C Demarcus Cousins. Bench: Curry, Chris Paul, James Harden, Caramelo, Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard.

    I belive this actual team is a great rival for 92 Barcelona dream team.

  7. PG- Magic Johnson
    SG- Michael Jordan
    SF- LeBron James
    PF- Tim Duncan
    C- Shaquille O’Neal

    Head Coach: Gregg Popovich
    6th Man- SG/SF- Clyde “The Glyde” Drexler

  8. I will make a list with no retired players
    Pg – Erving
    Sg – Stephan Curry
    Sf – Durant
    Pf – L.James
    C- Davis ( he’s naturally a Pf but i love seing him playing as C
    Pg – Derrick Rose
    Sg- bryant
    Sf- George
    Pf- Griffin
    C – Cousins

  9. I will make a list with no retired players
    Pg – Erving
    Sg – Stephan Curry
    Sf – Durant
    Pf – L.James
    C- Davis ( he’s naturally a Pf but i love seing him playing as C
    Pg – Derrick Rose
    Sg- bryant
    Sf- George
    Pf- Griffin
    C – Cousins

  10. PG Isiah Thomas
    SG Michael Jordan
    SF LeBron James
    PF Kevin Garnette
    C Wilt Chamberlin
    PG Magic Johnson
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Grant Hill
    PF Tim Duncan
    C Shaq

  11. All Time:
    Michael Jordan
    Scottie Pippen
    Larry Bird
    Magic Johnson
    Shaquille O’Neal

    Active Players:
    Kawhi Leonard
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    DeAndre Jordan
    Kyle Lowry
    DeMar DeRozan

  12. PG-Kemba Walker
    SG-Ray Allen
    SF-Lebron James
    PF- Chris Webber
    C-David Robinson
    Isaiah Thomas(current one)
    Yao Ming
    Eddie jones
    Anthony mason
    Kawhi Leonard
    Klay Thompson
    Antonio Davis
    Kevin Durant
    Charles Oakley
    Chris Mullin
    Mark Jackson

  13. PG Allen Iverson (even though he played 2 guard yes I know)
    SG Michael Jordan
    C Hakeem Olajuwon
    SF Charles Barkley (even though he is a power I know)
    PF LeBron James

  14. 1. Point Guard: Jason Kidd
    2. Shooting Guard: Vince Carter
    3. Small Forward: Tracy McGrady
    4. Power Forward: Karl Malone
    5. Center: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Second Team:

    1. Point Guard: Jerry West
    2. Shooting Forward: Reggie Miller
    3. Small Forward: Dominique Wilkins
    4. Power Forward: Charles Barkley
    5. Center: Hakeem Olajuwon

    Third Team:

    1. Point Guard: Magic Johnson
    2. Shooting Guard: Allen Iverson
    3. Small Forward: Larry Bird
    4. Power Forward: Dennis Rodman
    5. Center: Yao Ming or Dikembe Mutombo or Wilt Chamberlain

  15. Magic – Curry – Kidd/Nash/Stockton
    Jordan …… – Kobe – Klyde/Vince
    Bird – Duncan
    Lebron – Rodman – Sir Charles
    Hakeem – Kareem – Ewing

  16. Jason Kidd ( JK)
    Kobe Bryant ( Black Mamba)
    LeBron James (The KING)
    Dirk Nowitzki (German Assassin )
    Hakeem Olajuwon (THE DREAM)

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