Celebrate 50 Years of Hot Wheels With Our Epic Giveaway


Hot Wheels celebrates its 50th anniversary this month.

Conceived in 1968 by an innovator, a rocket scientist and a car designer, Hot Wheels scale diecast cars were designed to look great and perform flawlessly. Five decades later, the brand is going strong with more than 500 million units sold every year. 

To celebrate the classic toy, we’re giving away a few playsets from Hot Wheels, including the Spider Park Attack, City Downtown Police Station Breakout and City Cobra Crush sets.

To win, simply answer the questions in the following Hot Wheels Trivia Quiz in the form below by June 10. Good luck!

  1. How many Hot Wheels have been produced since 1968?

  2. How many miles of orange track are produced each year?

  3. How many Hot Wheels are produced per second?

  4. What was the first life-size Hot Wheels replica car built?

  5. What is the most popular Hot Wheels character car?

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