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Explore the Sea Floor Like Never Before

More than 70 percent of Earth is covered in oceans, but what’s below them has mostly been a mystery … until now. NASA recently unveiled the most complete map of the seafloor ever, revealing thousands

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Can You Solve This Tricky Riddle?

In each month’s issue of Boys’ Life magazine, we print dozens of jokes and riddles. See if you can solve one of our latest head-scratchers: What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to

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Can You Solve This “Fiery” Riddle?

This tricky riddle below was first printed in the January issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Can you solve it? You walk into a room with a match, a lantern, a candle and a fireplace. Which

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Celebrate National Aviation History Month!

November is National Aviation History Month, celebrating America’s best achievements in flight. To celebrate, I’ve come up with a list of the greatest Eagle Scouts in aviation history. Check it out: Neil Armstrong Before he

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See China’s Straddling Bus In Action

A Chinese company has designed a “straddling bus” that will carry citizens of Beijing in futuristic fashion. Each bus, about two street lanes wide and 18-feet tall, will help ease traffic on China’s congested —

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These Star Wars Models Are Simple, Easy Fun

Still have Star Wars fever? Try building these snap-together The Force Awakens models from Revell, including cool vehicles like the Millennium Flacon, Poe’s X-Wing Fighter and a First Order Tie Fighter. Each kit should take

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This New Self-Filling Water Bottle Is Incredible

Imagine never having to worry about finding clean, drinkable water sources in the wild again. That’s the idea behind Fontus, a revolutionary new water bottle that extracts humidity from the air and transforms it into