Can You Solve This Seemingly Simple Logic Puzzle?


Read through the above list of 10 statements, and determine which of them are true, and which are false. Go for it!


  1. Number 9 is the true statement. Only one of these statements cane be true, and there are 10 statements, therefore 9 statements must be false.

  2. Answer: Number 9 is correct all others are false
    Since the numbers have to be exact only one can be right. (+1 for homeschoolers!)

  3. #9 is true because if 10 is true then that would make itself false making it a paradox. so 9 would be my assumption because there is no other evidence making another one true.

    P.S. I really like these logic puzzles you are doing! Keep it up!

  4. Question if a statement is false does the alternative to the statement become valid then. So if I said #6 is false does that mean now it states. Six of these statements are true?

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