Boys’ Life Is Asking For Your Help!

Hey guys. I’m working on improvements to this website, and I want your help. I’d like to make it one of your very favorite places to visit on the internet, but to do that I need your opinion. Here’s the question:

I’d like to know which websites are your favorite and why. Do you go to your favorite sites for games, videos, photos, education or something entirely different?

Let me know in the comments section or in the form below. For your help, I’ll randomly select five submissions for a free prize. Thanks in advance for your help.

Plus, here’s a cool video tutorial on folding a shirt in less than two seconds.


  1. I like because of the funny cool videos. Most of the games on lego are really wierd and boring. Boyslife and headsup are the only other websites I get on. Boyslife is awesome because of the fun games and cool information on buying video games and buying camping stuff. I basically get on headsup every day enjoying all the really cool posts and videos. I also like the polls that you can vote in. One of the things that could help is more categories. One more little tweak that you could make is on some of the pictures that you post they are to large and cover the whole upper half of the page. One other thing that u could change is uploading more posts

    Headsup is my all time favorite website! Thank you for making Boyslife and headsup soooooooooooooo fun!

  2. I go to Goggle Earth, Google Maps, & other “map” websites, but mostly Heads-up( that’s why I know a lot).

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