This Is Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice










Clear-as-a-Bell-Alexander-Graham-Bell-2This image above might look like a broken CD, but it’s actually something much cooler. The 127-year-old wax-and-cardboard disc contains the only known recording of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. (Click here for more about the famed inventor.)

Thanks to hard-working researchers, high-resolution optical scans and one powerful computer, we now know what one of world’s most famous innovators sounded like.

Listen to the recording below.






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  1. Great- and funny. 🙂 Oh- starting today, I won’t be seeing you guys that much because I’ll mostly be playing a game called Sim City 4, or what Wise Guy calls “THE BEST COMPUTER GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, which will take up most of my computer time, so bye. 😉

  2. purple bird // August 23, 2013 at 8:11 pm // Reply

    This guy is really enthusiastic about counting—”one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred, nine hundred… one thousand!” Peechtival!

  3. amazing!

  4. Farkle Robey // August 24, 2013 at 7:33 pm // Reply

    You can’t really hear him. But that is pretty cool!

  5. I’ve always wanted to be an inventor so thats pretty cool!

  6. I know w/all the technology we have these days, this seems like no big deal to kids. I find it extremely fascinating. The fact that you can hear A.G.Bell during an experiment over a 100 years ago?!
    Where would we be without our amazing inventors?!


  7. aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwweeeeeeessssssssoooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hillbillyboy // August 31, 2013 at 9:50 am // Reply

    this is honestly one of the coolest things ever!

  9. I actually saw this happen, so it’s cool that people have finally been able to hear him!!!! Oh, and by the way, I have the original copy.

  10. cool hard to hear him though

  11. It’s hard to know what he’s saying but It’s still pretty cool. Now the world can her his voice for once.

  12. Its amazing how someone at such a time can do something so modern; It is just crazy!

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