Epic Solar Eruption!

This video is an intense and stunning look at the Sun whipping a gigantic ejection of plasma out into space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the eruption during an intense solar storm on August 31.

It’s hard to gauge how large the eruption actually was, but the size and scale of the explosion is almost beyond comprehension. The length of the fiery whip is 186,000 miles, or the equivalent of 30 Earths side by side. Still can’t picture it? Try this:

See the little blue speck in the bottom left corner? That’s what Earth would look like next to the giant solar flare.

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  1. omg. that’s huge

  2. yeah almost like a nuke

  3. that is awesome!

  4. wow

  5. sweet!!!!!1

  6. That is how far light can travel in a second.*yawn*

  7. that is big

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