Watch the Latest Spidey 2 Trailer

We’re less than two weeks ago from the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Early reviews are mixed, but chances are that if you liked the first one, you’ll enjoy this one too.

I’ll be posting a review as soon as I see it. For now, here’s the trailer:


13 Comments on Watch the Latest Spidey 2 Trailer

  1. Looks amazing!!!

  2. Dun dun duun!

  3. Can’t wait! This was my second most “looking-forward-to-movie” this year.

  4. I can’t wait until next Friday! This is the second thing I am looking forward to this year!

  5. purple bird // April 25, 2014 at 8:05 pm // Reply


  6. Can’t wait to see it. The trailer is awesome!

  7. Avengers age of Ultron coming out 2015!

  8. It is cool !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bowser Slayer of Mario // May 7, 2014 at 5:53 pm // Reply

    I think its pretty cool looking…

  10. iiiiiiiiii cccccccaaaaannnnnnntttttttt wwwaaaaaiiit

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