This Glow-in-the-Dark Shark Is Awesome

Scientists recently discovered a new Central American shark species called Etmopterus benchleyi. Thanks to the shark’s dark color and tendency to sneak around the ocean  

The Brontosaurus Is Back

Although it’s already one of the most legendary dinosaurs in history, the Brontosaurus hasn’t been an officially recognized dinosaur in more than a century. Originally  

Meet Wendy, the Newest Triceratops

Wendiceratops is the 20-foot-long, one-ton cousin of the Triceratops that lived nearly 80 million years ago. The new species was recently discovered by Wendy Sloboda, a  

Meet Lincoln the White House Hawk

The White House’s latest visitor isn’t a politician or foreign ambassador. It’s a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. The young raptor has been exploring the White  
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